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How to fix Windows 10 activation problems

Introduction and understanding activation If you’re lucky, you’ll install or upgrade to Windows 10 and the system will activate automatically, or as soon as you type in the 25-character product key – that confirms that you have a legal copy of Windows that you’re entitled to use, which will get security updates and new features. […]

How to use Safari on an iPhone or iPad

The iPhone’s always been great for surfing the web, and Apple’s mobile version of Safari just keeps getting better. The browser boasts a sleek, efficient interface, which goes almost fullscreen the second you scroll (flick downwards to get the toolbars back), and also makes it easy to find content, via powerful web and in-page searching.

Microsoft to control Windows 10 Mobile updates to make sure you get it quickly

Fragmentation is a serious problem for Android as devices get left behind on older versions of the software, and that’s something Microsoft wants to avoid with Windows 10 Mobile. Microsoft is instead going to take the reins when it comes to updating its phones. In a statement Microsoft told WMPowerUser that while it is working […]

MWC 2016: what we want to see

MWC 2015 has been and gone, but the products which were announced there aren’t likely to be forgotten any time soon, from the flagship HTC One M9 and Samsung Galaxy S6 smartphones, to the stylish Huawei Watch and the innovative Galaxy S6 Edge — and those are just some of the highlights.

The reasons why Instagram will be the next big platform

Introduction and demographics Instagram is big. Over 300 million active users each month post 70 million photos per day, and collectively distribute 2.5 billion likes. Engagement on Instagram is seven times higher than on Twitter and Facebook, and also leaves Google+, Tumblr, Pinterest, LinkedIn and YouTube in the dust. Still think it’s just a platform […]

New ring can diagnose sexually transmitted diseases in a single test

The portable medical device called Hoope is a ring that is placed in the thumb, contains a disposable cartridge with a retractable needle for single use and sends the data to a smartphone in less than a minute. Credit: Image courtesy of Investigación y Desarrollo A ring with the ability to diagnose sexually transmitted diseases […]