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Honor 6 Plus

Introduction and Design You might not have heard of Honor. In-fact, the brand didn’t even exist a year ago, but the Huawei spin-off is now producing some well specced yet affordable smartphones that you can actually buy on the high-street. While they were first intended to be sold unlocked through a web store only, the […]

Samsung M3 Portable 4TB

Introduction and design While most recent storage breakthroughs have involved mostly SSDs and non-mechanical technologies, hard disk drives still hold most of the world’s data and, for most of us, are the only financially viable option for bulk, mass storage beyond the terabyte mark. The 4TB Samsung M3 Portable otherwise known as the HX-M401TCB/G, which […]

Deceptive woodpecker uses mimicry to avoid competition

Birds of a feather may flock together, but that doesn’t mean they share a genetic background. Though birds were first classified into groups primarily based on appearance, research demonstrates that this method isn’t necessarily accurate: in a group of…

Radiation costs vary among Medicare patients with cancer

Cost of radiation therapy among Medicare patients varied most widely because of factors unrelated to a patient or that person’s cancer, report researchers. Up to two-thirds of patients with cancer receive radiation therapy. Researchers focused on breas…

Study shifts understanding of how bone fractures heal

Fibrin, a protein that was thought to play a key role in fracture healing, is not required, a team of researchers has discovered. Instead, the breakdown of fibrin is essential for fracture repair. The findings shift understanding of how fractures heal …

Receptors in brain linked to schizophrenia, autism

Mice lacking a set of receptors in one type of neuron in the brain developed compulsive, anti-social behaviors, scientists have found. The importance of the receptor, called mGluR5, in other areas of the brain had been previously established. Until now…