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Early evidence suggests hybrid cochlear implants may benefit millions with common form of hearing loss

People with a common form of hearing loss not helped by hearing aids achieved significant and sometimes profound improvements in their hearing and understanding of speech with hybrid cochlear implant devices, according to a new multicenter study.

Geography, skills, local companies affect higher education impact on economic development

Policy makers need to take factors like geography, available skills and knowledge and the networks of local companies into account to boost the impact of higher education on economic development, according to a new paper.

Diabetics who skip breakfast provoke hazardous blood sugar spikes

A new study reveals how skipping breakfast affects people with type-2 diabetes. According to the researchers, pancreatic beta cells which produce insulin lose their «memory» due to the prolonged period between one evening’s dinner and the next day’s lu…

Marked improvement in health, healthcare for Medicare patients

In a 15-year study of older Medicare patients, researchers saw an estimated 20 percent drop in mortality, about 30 percent fewer hospitalizations, and 40 percent reduction in deaths after hospitalization.

Experimental MERS vaccine shows promise in animal studies

A two-step regimen of experimental vaccines against MERS prompted immune responses in mice and rhesus macaques. Vaccinated mice produced broadly neutralizing antibodies against multiple strains of the MERS coronavirus, while vaccinated macaques were pr…

First measurements taken of South Africa’s Iron Age magnetic field history

A team of researchers has for the first time recovered a magnetic field record from ancient minerals for Iron Age southern Africa (between 1000 and 1500 AD). The data, combined with the current weakening of Earth’s magnetic field, suggest that the regi…