Amazon’s one-stop-shop Dash buttons open to all Prime users

Amazon's one-stop-shop Dash buttons open to all Prime users

We’ll admit, we really thought Amazon’s Dash Button was an April Fool’s joke. It’s nothing against the product (a small, wirelessly connected strip that allows you to order a specific product from Amazon with a single button press), it just seemed too strange to be true.

Well whatever we thought it originally, it turned out to be real.

Starting today Amazon has officially made its Dash Buttons available to the US Amazon Prime members for $4.99. (Unfortunately there’s no word yet on when this time-saving device could come overseas, but it likely won’t take long.)

So far, Amazon is selling Dash Buttons for Tide detergent, Cottonelle toilet paper, Glad trash bags along with 15 other household products from Keurig coffee cups and bottled water to baby diapers and razor blades. You’ll be able to customize how much of a product is ordered and specify exactly what product you want — say, for instance, you want a specific blend of coffee instead of the generic stuff week after week.

Decide you don’t need that fifth bundle of paper towels? Amazon sends you an alert on your phone before it places the order, allowing you to cancel it if you change your mind.

Via The Verge