New batch of Sony Xperia Z5 pictures leak out on the web

New batch of Sony Xperia Z5 pictures leak out on the web

The Sony Xperia Z4 was a less than overwhelming upgrade for Sony’s flagship line — which might be why it was labelled the Sony Xperia Z3+ everywhere except for Japan — but we’ve got higher hopes for the next handset in the series.

We’re expecting the Xperia Z5 to see the light of day at the IFA event in Berlin at the start of September, and several leaks have already confirmed the existence of the device.

Now there’s a new batch of pictures courtesy of respected French site These show a promotional dummy unit rather than the phone itself, but they’re still useful indicators of what to expect when Sony officially announces its next flagship.

Same as it ever was

First of all it looks a lot like the Xperia Z3 and Xperia Z4, so those who were hoping for a radically different look are going to be disappointed. Sony obviously thinks the Xperia design is about as good as it can be.

There’s the standard microUSB port here as well rather than the new-fangled USB Type-C that other phones are including — perhaps most of the Xperia Z5 innovation is going to come inside the case rather than outside.

Another possibility is that the Z5 will be a mid-range low budget affair with all of the best specs and innovations saved for a Z5 Plus model of some form or another. In a week or so we should find out for sure.