Nintendo’s next console just got its first game announcement

Nintendo's next console just got its first game announcement

The Nintendo NX train is building up speed thanks to an announcement from Japanese game publisher Square Enix.

The company announced today at a press event that it’s considering bringing both the previously released Dragon Quest X — an MMORPG like World of Warcraft — and Dragon Quest XI (the latest iteration of the franchise) to the Nintendo NX, PS4 and Nintendo 3DS sometime in 2016.

Now, while we’d like to believe wholeheartedly that Square Enix isn’t counting its chocobos before they hatched, Nintendo hasn’t announced any formal release date for its system, and only began to acknowledge its existence a few months ago. So the fact that Square Enix has even considered launching on the upcoming system is probably more of a dream than a hard and fast promise.

Square Enix has since released a recorded video of the live stream, embedded for your convenience below (skip to around the one-hour mark to see the Dragon Quest XI reveal):

YouTube :

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