Try the new Edge browser, even if you don’t have Windows 10

Try the new Edge browser, even if you don't have Windows 10

While Microsoft’s Edge browser has been available to Windows 10 users since its release on July 29, if you haven’t been given the chance to update to the new OS yet (or you simply don’t want to), here’s a way you can still try out the browser.

Microsoft has today announced that free virtual machines (VM) of Windows 10 are now available and will come supporting its new Edge browser and will include all future updates.

«With this release, we have automated the process we use to create the virtual machines, so future updates will be available more quickly as the platform is updated,» Microsoft wrote in a blog post.

The Windows 10 VM is available on Windows computers through Hyper-V 2012, VirtualBox and VMware, Mac users can access the VM using Parallels, VirtualBox and VMware, while Linux users will only have access to it through VirtualBox.

Vagrant boxes with VirtualBox and QEMU are also supported.

Microsoft said that the availability of the Edge browser in Microsoft’s Azure RemoteApp service will be added later.

It should be noted, however, that the new VMs will only be available for 90 days.